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Slidin’ Guide NRCHA Reining Pattern Cards

Slidin’ Guide NRCHA Reining Pattern Cards

  • $ 31.95

NRCHA Working Cow Horse Reined Work Patterns

Set of NRCHA Reining Pattern Reference Cards

  • Each pattern Color Coded by Scoring Maneuvers
  • Heavy Duty, Long Lasting cards – Laminated, Waterproof
  • Clip or Tie to belt loop or horn for quick ref in the warm-up pen
  • Helps you visualize and memorize your pattern for a perfect go!

Set CURRENT 2018 Official NRCHA reining patterns, each on a handy 3 x 5″ pocket sized, heavy-duty laminated card.

Tie several cards to saddle horn or clip one card to belt loop for quick reference in the saddle. Durable, easy to use and saves wear and tear on your rule book. Color coded by scoring maneuvers on the back, too! Great for the warm up pen!

These cards are a SUPER VALUE, they last a long time – YEARS! – and can really put up with lots of use…so much easier than stuffing your NRHA rule book in your back pocket!

YOUTH PATTERN 13 is included in this set!

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